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How to report a problem

Step-by-step instructions.

1. Check whether you are using the latest version of Gpg4win

The download button on top of the Gpg4win homepage shows the current version.

You can find your installed Gpg4win version number in Kleopatra under Help->About Kleopatra.

2. Check whether the problem is already reported

Search through the list of open bugs and try to identify whether one of the entries already describes your problem. Add your additional comments there.

List of open issues

3. Create a new report

Please report the problem using this form.
Please note the following:

3.1 Provide version numbers

If you report a new bug or add comments to an existing bug report, describe the exact version of the Windows System, Gpg4win and, if appropriate, of MS Office and Outlook.

3.2 Notes on how to reproduce the bug

If possible provide a step by step method on how you can reproduce the bug.

3.3 Add debug information

If appropriate, attach a debug log of the procedure where you produced the bug. Look at the instructions for the several Gpg4win components in the Gpg4win Compendium.

If you feel able to, just send an excerpt with the relevant information.

Private reports / security issues

If you do not want to publicly divulge the contents of a report, e.g. because that would leak private information or if you consider an issue a severe security problem, you can send an encrypted mail to our professional team at gpg4win-professional@gpg4win.org.

The public key for this address is 5BFB FFC6 C040 8D5B B0C9 BDF4 6113 F899 1A8C 17A9.