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Contributing to Gpg4win

You like Gpg4win? Then support this project. This is easier than you think and even little contributions may have a viable effect. As with any other Free Software you may either contribute your time or money.

As volunteer

No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can get active for Gpg4win:

  • Make yourself familiar with Gpg4win and first become an engaged user and then a contributor. Participate in the forums or mailing lists. Your hints can make users of Gpg4win or one of its components happy. Just pick yourself a task, let others know about on the mailing list and start right away.

  • Write down your opinion. What's good? What's bad? Where is a bug? Is the new version better? Write this repectfully because the respective maintainers are often volunteers.

  • Attract further volunteers and financial backers. For example you could talk to other users. If you know companies or authorities that do already use Gpg4win, encourage them ensure Gpg4win will continue to be a viable software product. Some authorities already sponsored development. Exert influence on politics: Praise the achieved results and demand continuation of support.

  • Actively distribute Gpg4win. You could ask computer magazines to pick up this topic. Or make software distributors aware that they are still missing Gpg4win. Speak or write about Gpg4win. Motivate people to use it.

You have not found anything? Then please ask on the developer mailing list what you can do!

As financial backer

The Gpg4win initiative is grateful for every financial aid! Please read the Donate page for more information.