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Building Gpg4win

Learn how you can build the Gpg4win installer packages on your own.

Building a new Gpg4win installer package is mostly automated. The build procedure can be executed on a GNU/Linux system or within a virtual machine on Windows and other systems.

What you need is:

  • Build Gpg4win on GNU/Linux:

    In principle, any current GNU/Linux system is sufficient as the base system. Some minor adaptations might be necessary though. The GNU/Linux guide is tested with a Debian GNU/Linux 'Wheezy' 7.0 system.
    Furthermore, you need at least 1.5GBytes on your hard disk and an acceptable fast internet connection for downloading about 360 MBytes.

  • Build Gpg4win on Windows or MacOS:

    To build Gpg4win on Windows or MacOS you'll need a Virtual Machine (e.g. VirtualBox) with Debian GNU/Linux installed. Then follow the GNU/Linux guide.