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Maintaining the Gpg4win website

The maintenance of the website is actually quite simply because many processes are automated. What you should be (or should become) familiar with: a text editor, HTML, SSH and GIT.

Typical tasks

Typical tasks of maintaining the website are:

  • Update the version of Gpg4win (occasionally, duration: about 15 minutes)
  • Fix typos (whenever you or someone else finds one, duration: few minutes)

Take a first look

  1. Get the sources for the website
    git clone git://git.gnupg.org/gpg4win-website.git
  2. Build the website locally:
    cd web
    and open it in your browser (file index.html).
  3. Read file README, make your changes, build the website again and reopen it in your browser.

How to update the website and put it online

  1. Get the source for the website:
    git clone git://git.gnupg.org/gpg4win-website.git
  2. Apply your desired changes in the directory /web which you retrieved via GIT. The file README in the top directory will provide you some helpful hints.
  3. Create local version:
    and open file index.html in your browser.
  4. Before commiting the changes you should check them:
    git diff | less
  5. If your changes are complete, commit them as usual. For example you can simply do:
    git commit -a
  6. Then prepare a patch to be send to the mailing list Gpg4win-devel (A prior "Hello" on one of the Gpg4win mailing lists and your expression of interest to join the team is of course a good idea.):
    git format-patch HEAD~1 --stdout > draft.patch
    You have to replace the number behind "HEAD~" with the number of commits you made for the patch.
  7. The last step is to put the new version online:
    make online