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Getting a first impression of Gpg4win. The screenshots show you some components in action.

Note: Some screenshots are in German only. Please contact the gpgwin-devel mailing list if you can create Windows 10 screenshots for Gpg4win in English.

Gpg4win Installer

The welcome screen


Kleopatra's main window.

Creation of an OpenPGP certificate: Input of personal details.

Creation of an X.509 certificate: Input of personal details.

Manage certificates.

Details of an OpenPGP certificate.

Configuration of certificate servers (OpenPGP and X.509).

Certify an OpenPGP certificate.

Encrypting files and folders
Select files, folders, recipients...

The encrypted archive file.


The context menu of GpgEX in Windows Explorer.


Sign and encrypt an email in Outlook 2010.

The option dialog of GpgOL.


Set a passphrase (with quality check).